Ruby - Update (4/13/2017)


  • Added Lucky Scroll (Alchemy probability 10% increase & Lucky 10% increase) for 200m gold in Gold Miner NPC

Have fun!

13.04.2017 14:19

Ruby - Update (4/12/2017)


  • You can no longer leave your job authority if you are near the jobbing limit
  • Your job authority will be decided by your guild master, if your guild master is a Trader then you will be able to join Trader Authority only.
  • Guild Invites will be checked and the player must have the same job authority as the guild master in order to join
  • Automatic Grant Name has been enabled
  • Lock system has been improved, you can no longer open Guild Storage(locked account).

┘ŹServer is now ONLINE! Have fun.

12.04.2017 19:51


Update Notes:
- New character will start level 100 with d10 set +3, a devil wing avatar, devil b and prem 5% and 10m gold and enough SP to give them a good start
- Players in Job Mode will receive 3 silks per hour OUTSIDE of town
- Astrals has been added to HWT uniques with 70% drop ratio
- Jobbing Limit per week has been changed * 500 for hunters/traders and 425 for Thieves
- Ruby Source Limit has been changed to 200
- Sos Drop Ratio has been tripled and Obsidian Drop Ratio has been doubled
- HWID Limit has been changed to 4
- NPC Thieves amount has been halved.

- Job Killing & Survival Arena Limit has been increased to 100


19.03.2017 09:44

Ruby - Update (3-14-2017)


This update contains bug fixes & some adjustments to gameplay.

- Only HOTAN Fortress is available now. (You can register at any time, even during fortress)
- RP Amount for Thieves is now 375 (Traders & Hunters 450)

That is all, have fun!

14.03.2017 10:44

RUBY - DIAMOND REBORN UPDATE PART I | Hyperfilter Network Issues


  • Enabled silk per hour system (1 silk per hour).
  • Enabled SoX Leveling (Read more about it on our facebook page).
  • FGW Talisman Drop ratio has been tripled! 
  • All seal of moon weapon timers have been removed (You can now fuse them with alchemy bots).
  • Survival War is now limited to Team Giraffe (Yellow) Cape only. Any other cape will be useless.
  • Added Level up scroll as drop from Roc & Medusa with 20% Drop Ratio, Arabia uniques 10% & Job Cave uniques 10%.
  • Ruby crate keys are now tradeable and ruby crate daily limit has been increased to 3.
  • Time Ticket has been removed from NPCs.
  • Level up scroll has been added for 350 RP & 200 RJ & 1B Gold.
  • Added 10% DMG Scroll & 2800/4100 HP/MP Scrolls to Diamond NPC.
  • Fixed alchemy event.
  • Added Diamond Tokens drops to HWT Uniques.
  • Doubled Minimum & Tripled Maximum Drop amount of Ruby Source in HWT Uniques (Means min from Beginner should be 4 and max should be 6).
  • Fixed imbue bug & some other.
  • Immortals RP price is now 60 RP.


Hyperfilter Network Issue:

Our dedicated server keeps losing network connection causing it to lose connection to our main server which is so problematic. We will have to wait until they fix it, we contacted them and they said they're fixing it. Please be patient!

HyperFilter | Announcement: Network Degradation



25.02.2017 00:59
Server Stats
  • Players Online: 234 / 1500
  • Supporters Online: 0 / 2
  • Cap 100
  • CH Only
  • EXP/SP 200x
  • EXP/SP (Party) 220x
  • Tradegoods Enabled
  • Magic-Pop Disabled
  • Max-Plus 12
  • Capture Flag Event Enabled
  • Battle-Arena Enabled
  • PC (HWID) Limit 2
  • Union Limit 2
Server Time
  • Time: 16:13:48
  • Fortress:
  • FW Registration: Everyday
  • CTF:
Fortress War