Server Restart - 22/02/2017

Server was restarted to fix delays also applied some stuff on filter:

  • Zerk has a usage delay of 1 hour in Jobbing
  • Locked system was improved, you cannot exchange a locked player anymore.
  • Stall has a higher cooldown now

That's all, if you have any suggestions then please use our forum:

Have fun!

22.02.2017 03:00

Phase II is here

What is Phase 2? It is something new, it is something
innovative. Phase 2 is like a second grand opening,
a second chance for players who didn t join or join
but left and regret it now to join our community.
It is a huge update with many new features
and systems coming to the game to ensure
the activity in all sections will be refreshed.

11.02.2017 00:33

Character Lock (ANTI-HACK)

A brand new system protecting fully your account when you are not on it (Logged off or AFK). This system is our answer to all the wannabe hackers using leaked databases from other private silkroad servers.
To lock your character all you have to do is write in all chat: [Note: Pin-Code must be 4 digits]

!lock pincode

Same with un-locking.

While your character is locked you:

  • Cannot buy or sell.
  • Cannot drop item or gold.
  • Cannot plus items or use stones (alchemy)
  • Cannot accept, request, approve exchange.
  • Cannot open stall.
  • Cannot add avatar blue.
  • Cannot use global.

When you log-in your character will be automatically locked, you will need to write in all chat:

!lock pincode

To un-lock your account.


To remove the lock completely from your account, pm [BOT]System with: /removelock pincode

31.01.2017 22:43

Ruby - Update Ver 4 / 25.01.2017

  • Exp rate increased to 120x to help new players catch up.
  • Union Limit has been changed to 3
  • Ruby crates devil spirit is now tradeable.
  • HP & MP pots stacks increased to 2k.
  • Fixed plus glows for model switched items.
  • Added 2 new model switchers egy A & egy B on item mall.
  • Added new Wings Of Blood on item mall.
  • Increased spawn rate of D10 monsters.
  • Removed D11 items & sockets from Alexandria.
  • Fixed job war event teleporter.
  • Added sabajun jewels for silks, rp & diamond tokens.
  • Added devil gender switcher.
  • Reduced cost of stat & silk resetter to 300.
  • Fixed lucky party number event.
  • Fixed alchemy event.
27.01.2017 12:18

Ruby - New Trailer

We want to thank you all for the most active community in p-SRO at the moment!

24.01.2017 22:41
Server Stats
  • Players Online: 1618 / 3500
  • Supporters Online: 0 / 4
  • Cap 100
  • CH Only
  • EXP/SP 200x
  • EXP/SP (Party) 220x
  • Tradegoods Enabled
  • Magic-Pop Disabled
  • Max-Plus 12
  • Capture Flag Event Enabled
  • Battle-Arena Enabled
  • PC (HWID) Limit 2
  • Union Limit 2
Server Time
  • Time: 05:42:39
  • Fortress:
  • Register: Everyday
  • CTF:
Fortress War