General Questions/Guides

Please terminate it and spawn it again, it should have 4 pet pages after that.

No, we highly recommend downloading our client because we did some custom stuff on our end.

CTF / BA / Survival PVP War:


01:00 BA (Random)
02:00 BA (Party Collection)
03:00 CTF
04:00 BA (Random)
05:00 BA (Party Collection)
06:00 CTF
07:00 BA (Random)
08:00 BA (Party Collection)
09:00 CTF
10:00 BA (Random)
11:00 BA (Party Collection)
12:00 CTF
13:00 BA (Random)
14:00 CTF
15:00 BA (Random)
16:00 CTF
17:00 BA (Party Collection)
18:00 (Pvp Event)
19:00 BA (Random)
20:00 BA (Party Collection)
21:00 CTF
22:00 BA (Job)
23:00 BA (Party Collection)

Currently-enabled events: Alchemy, Trivia, Hide & Seek, Search & Destroy, Kill The GM, Lucky Party Number

Time format: Hour::Minute::Second


Trivia: 00:00:00, 01:00:00, 02:00:00, 03:00:00, 04:00:00, 05:00:00, 06:00:00, 07:00:00,
08:00:00, 09:00:00, 10:00:00, 11:00:00, 12:00:00, 13:00:00, 14:00:00, 15:00:00, 16:00:00, 17:00:00, 18:00:00,
19:00:00, 20:00:00, 21:00:00, 22:00:00, 23:00:00

Lucky Party Number: 15:00:00, 18:00:00, 21:00:00, 00:00:00, 03:00:00, 06:00:00, 09:00:00,

Hide & Seek: 13:00:00, 16:00:00, 19:00:00, 22:00:00, 01:00:00, 04:00:00, 07:00:00, 10:00:00

Alchemy: 13:30:00, 18:30:00, 00:30:00

Kill The GM: 17:15:00

Search & Destroy: 14:00:00, 17:00:00, 20:00:00, 23:00:00, 02:00:00, 05:00:00, 08:00:00, 11:00:00

Honor Buff Rank will be refreshed every hour and it'll be given to top 5 jobbers in each job type.

The top 3 jobbers in each job type will receive Server Top Hunter/Thief/Trader which gives u a cool character effect.


Honor Buff Rank will be updated based on contribution amount (how many trades you complete/steal) and current job level.


Note: It'll be resetted weekly.

In order to level up above level 7 in jobbing, you need to kill 100 players in jobbing each kill will grant you 1 point.

Each death will take half a point.

Once you reach 100 point, you'll be automatically leveled up.

Max Level is: 20

The message is pretty self-explanatory, the new job suits are available in this order:

Level 1 (1 STR, 1 INT), Level 5 (2 STR, 2 INT), Level 10 (3 STR, 3 INT), Level 15 (4 STR, 4 INT), Level 20 (5 STR, 5 INT). (Job Level)

You need to reach that level in order to unlock a new job suit. 

Seal Of Star: Can be gotten as a drop from normal monster (90+) and job cave mobs (higher rate of drop) and uniques drop & you can also get it from Ruby Crate

Seal Of Obsidian: Can be gotten as a drop from normal monster (90+) and job cave mobs (higher rate of drop) and uniques drop & you can also get it from Obsidian Crate

Seal Of VEGA: FGW Reward (Talisman Collection)

Seal Of Moon: You can get it by getting the required amount of Ruby Jewel and Ruby Points only.

Seal Of Sun: To be added..

Ruby Jewel: Can be obtained from CTF & Battle Arena & FGW (Boss) & Jobbing

Ruby Points: Can be obtained from jobbing (completing/stealing trades) and job killing (each kill will give you 1 rp) and survival pvp war (each kill will give you 1 rp) and uniques (you'll receive a certain amount of rp from unique kills)

Diamond Token: Can be gotten from job cave monsters as well as all the uniques & FGW (Boss) & HWT Uniques

Charging back will lead instant block from access to our server, you'll be permanently blocked (HWID, IP) entirely and your account will be banned


You'll find them as coins, Diamond Token (Arena Coin) & Mystery / Darkness / Fear Keys are (Iron, Copper, Silver) Coins.


These are the available commands which you can use via [BOT]System.


  • /jobpoints - Current Job Points (Honor Ranking related, earned by 1 job kill equals 1 point)
  • /fgw - Determines whether you're under FGW cooldown or not (it's 5 hours)
  • /jobkills - Current Job Kills (each 100 kill equals 1 job level, max is 1300 kills to reach level 20)
  • /removelock pincodeRemoves the lock system from your account
  • /guildpoints - Current overall guild points (Clash Of Guilds)
  • /earnedpoints - Current guild points which you earned (contributed to Clash Of Guilds [your guild])
  • /rank - Top 3 jobbers of each job type (Thief, Hunter, Trader)
  • /titles - Current available titles (Format: TitleNumber: TitleName)
  • /limit - Will display your current limit on all activities
  • /job - Will display your job reward (to know before restarting, you'll be rewarded after restarting your account)
  • /set TitleNumberSets your title to a new one via TitleNumber
  • /removehelper - This will remove EXP Helpers

Underlined texts are required.

That's all, thank you!

These are required to obtain 1x VEGA Weapon/Shield:

  • Silver pendant
  • Cobalt emerald
  • Logbook
  • Love letter (Un-tradeable - RARE)
  • Portrait of a Woman
  • Jewelry box
  • Diamond watch
  • Mermaid's tears (Un-tradeable - RARE)

Once all of them are collected, please head to Hotan Guild Manager 'Guild Manager Musai' and you'll be able to trade all the collected talismans for 1 VEGA Weapon/Shield via the quest.

If you get job-banned, you'll lose the following gameplay features:


  • Gaining RP from Job Killing
  • Getting into Honor Rank
  • Receiving any reward from trading


If you're detected then you're doomed, do not be smart and try changing your job name, we log everything.

Job banning is account-bound.

Rules, Banreasons and Bandurations

1. Insulting team members (game masters, supporters) will lead into permanent ban
2. Charging back is completely forbidden.
3. Creating drama in-game could easily lead into a ban.
4. Spamming around that you're leaving will lead into perm ban. (Making events etc)
5. Sharing your account is highly forbidden, we won't help if you get scammed by sharing your account.
6. Insulting players by any means (private life, religion, terrorism) will lead into a 7 days chat-ban.
7. Impersonating a player will lead into a permanent ban
8. Racism is highly forbidden, a warning will be given and then it'll lead into a 7 days ban.
9. Attempting to abuse any exploit/bug will result into a permanent ban
10. Spreading false rumors/information about the server will lead into permanent ban
11. Attempting to sell silk / gold / items with real money will lead into permanent ban
12. Advertising any server will lead into permanent ban
13. Do not ask GM for special requests (Item destroyed, item fail etc) cause we won't help with this. (If spammed, you'll get ban)
Server Stats
  • Players Online: 235 / 1500
  • Supporters Online: 0 / 2
  • Cap 100
  • CH Only
  • EXP/SP 200x
  • EXP/SP (Party) 220x
  • Tradegoods Enabled
  • Magic-Pop Disabled
  • Max-Plus 12
  • Capture Flag Event Enabled
  • Battle-Arena Enabled
  • PC (HWID) Limit 2
  • Union Limit 2
Server Time
  • Time: 16:16:02
  • Fortress:
  • FW Registration: Everyday
  • CTF:
Fortress War